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5 tips to stop your dog from overeating

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5 tips to stop your dog from overeating

“OMG there is food!! I have to eat it all, this might be the last time I eat ever.”

The first thought when your dog sees food.

Does your furry friend vacuum their food in a minute? Is your dog faster than a lighting when the food is around? You may want to monitor your dog’s eating and make sure that they take enough time to eat. Most dogs are food motivated, so the fact that they get excited by only the mention of food, is no surprise. As their parent, you need think about what is best for your pet.

Dogs that go through their dinner in the blink of an eye, can cause themselves bloating, which make them feel uncomfortable. This can lead to GDV (gastric dilatation and volvulus) in which a dog’s stomach twists and fills with gas. The condition is life threatening and needs medical attention. You can find more information here.

Here are few tips to prevent overeating:

1. Slow feeder bowl

You should try our unique slow-feeding bowls which come in three different sizes for pets of all sizes. The slow feed dog bowls have a 3D shape inside which slows down your dog’s eating. The prolonged chewing also helps the dog’s dental hygiene by producing more saliva. Find out more about our beautiful bowls and the new colors that are available here.

2. A puzzle feeder or treat-release toy

Usually you hide treats in these, but you can also use them during dinnertime. They add mental stimulus to dinner time and make food impossible to gulp. You can find a nice selection of toys at Musti ja Mirri.

3. Mealtime is training time

Use dinnertime to practice your dog skills or teach her new commands or tricks and reward her with bites of food.

4. Multiple small meals per day

If you have time, consider dividing your dog’s daily food into several smaller meals. You can give the meals regularly throughout the day.

5. Hand-feed your dog

This is a last resort, when all the other tips and tricks for slowing your dog’s eating speed have failed. It requires more time, but it will create a stronger bond with your dog. While handling your dog’s food might be gross, it’s a way to stop your dog from gulping. 

Try one or more tips and stop your dog from overeating. If you have any own tips on how to stop your dog from overeating, share them with us Instagram



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