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Size Guide

Find the perfect size 

Choose harness size based on neck circumference. Girth strap has plenty of adjustment, so it’s the neck and overall fit that will determine the size. Make sure the neck part sits at the base of the neck. Not too high, where it feels uncomfortable and chokes. Not too low, as then the chest part fabric goes over the shoulder joint and restricts shoulder extension. Girth strap should be placed behind the front legs so that there’s enough room for shoulder flexion and the strap will not rub the delicate armpit area. 

Size Neck  Girth
XXS 23 cm | 9 inch  30.5 - 43 cm | 12 - 17 inch
XS 25.5 cm | 10 inch  36 - 48 cm | 14 - 19 inch
S 28 cm | 11 inch 38 - 56 cm | 15 - 22 inch
M 30.5 cm | 12 inch  44.5 - 65 cm | 17.5 - 25.5 inch


How to measure?

To determine the correct size measure your dog’s collar circumference at the base of the neck and girth behind the front legs (at least two to three fingers width from the front leg).