Human Recovery Shirt for Men
Human Recovery Shirt for Men

Human Recovery Shirt for Men

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Be the Best You and Join The Pack.

YOUR PROBLEM: Your dog is ready to go on the next adventure, but you’re still sore from the yesterday’s hike. Or you feel stiff as a board after a long day at the office and even a thought of playing tug with your best friend makes you twitch.

OUR SOLUTION: PAIKKA Recovery clothing is now available also for humans! This amazing shirt is made of special Far infrared (FIR) emitting fabric that helps to warm up muscles before training and boosts the recovery afterwards by promoting blood circulation. Recovery Shirt is great underlayer on cold weather and it may be used as a sleepwear to maximize the rest.

Let us warn you. You’re going to love it; no other shirt compares to this! You’re not going to want to, but you have to take it off time to time for a quick spin at the washer. It might be good idea to order at least two shirts in the sake of everyone near you.

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Key Features: 

• FIR fabric – to boost recovery.

• Soft fabric is elastic and comfortable.

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