Our Pack

Great to meet you! Our PAIKKA Pack consists of extremely skilled professionals and suberb personas who share the passion for dogs and their wellbeing.


Our Pack: Tea

Tea Kainu, CEO
Tea (pronounced Tey-ah) has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. She has a far-reaching experience in product development and supply chain management. Tea has a Miniature Poodle Sohvi at home and these two are the hair (and fur) goddesses of PAIKKA.


Our Pack: Bee

Bee Backlund, Brand Manager
Bee is a passionate dog sports enthusiast with wide experience in product management. She has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, and this combined with her intense special interest in a dog’s anatomy and biomechanics results as premium quality and thought through details of PAIKKA products. Bee has two Border Collies, Hip and Top the pup.


Our PAIKKA pack: Sue

Sue Pregartner, CEO The Americas

Sue has a vision for growing consumer goods brands and has been working with European Global brands for 30+ years. She has a passion for sales & marketing and new product ideas. Sue’s raised several Old English Sheepdogs, and is on the lookout now for a new pup.

Our PAIKKA pack: Brad

Brad Aguilar, Head of Customer Experience and Sales Support, The Americas
Brad is responsible for our Best-in-class-service level at PAIKKA, Inc. He is a seasoned logistics specialist with a strong background in eCommerce fulfillment and support. Walter, Brad’s dog, is a rescue and works by Brad’s side daily.