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Sleep Tight

Rest is an important part of pet’s life, in normal conditions adult dog sleeps about half of the day. Puppies and senior dogs require even more sleep. Restful sleep is a basic need for your dog’s well-being, and it also plays a very significant role in recovering after exercise. 

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Stay Warm

Exploring outdoors is in dog’s nature. Walks and other outdoor activities provide exercise and mental stimulation. Good gear makes outdoor adventures enjoyable even on a bad weather.  When it comes to safety, we believe more is more. We have taken safety on a next level with our special reflective features. 

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Walk Tall

Happy and healthy pets need exercise. Walking is the classic form of exercise and it should be part of every dog’s daily routines. In addition to getting physical workout, a walk is a great way for your dog to explore the world. Good outdoor accessories fit the dog so comfortably that the dog can enjoy it’s walks relaxed and confident. 

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Look Alike

We’re all about pets. But we made an exception and wanted to share some of our innovations also with important humans in their lives. Follow your dog’s style and look a like!

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