PAIKKA Glow Collar Aqua


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Light up the night: the fluorescent collar for safety and style. Enhance the safety and enjoyment of your nightly walks with the PAIKKA Glow Collar.

Crafted from fluorescent material, this collar absorbs light and glows brightly in the dark, ensuring visibility in low light conditions. 

The PAIKKA Glow Collar is not only visually striking but also designed with practicality and durability in mind. The sizing is adjustable for comfortable and secure fit.

Comes in same three colors as the PAIKKA Glow leash.

Key Features:

* Fluorescent – safety in low light conditions!
* Carefree material.
* Adjustable sizing for comfortable and secure fit

Please note that fluorescent materials require light absorption to emit a luminous glow.

The Glow Collar exhibits an impressive radiance that can last between 90 and 120 minutes before requiring further exposure to light for revitalization.
Available colors: White, Pale Pink and Aqua

 1,5x23-30cm / 2x30-40cm / 2,5x35-48cm / 2,5x44-65cm


Hand wash with mild detergent.


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